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Fokken Awesome New T-Shirts

Pummmmpuruuuumm!!!! Pumpmmmpruuuummmm!!!

OK. OK. It is hard to replicate fanfare in the written word but it was worth a try.

In the most anticipated event in the T-shirt world since Joseph shortened his technicolour dreamcoat, Beer Monkey has some brand spanking new designs.

These T-shirts are filled with more awesomeness than that fat panda who knew Jujitsu.

So with much pomp and aplomb I present the Allergies and Jozi designs.

Get them while they are hot (which will be forever) at a Big Blue near you.






Brand Spanking New Designs

The first in the series of new designs. I say series but I mean 2 new designs.

In the tradition of our Jammer and Poephol designs we bring you Allergies. Onnoselheid is such a cool word. Almost as cool as Naaldekoker which is probably the best Afrikaans word. Ok maybe Naaimasjien… A debate for a later stage.

So I present Allergies. Soon to be in a Big Blue near you.

keep your eyes on the site for the next design to be unveiled in the next week.


Pubs and Beers

Beer Monkey is back on the line. After only a few years in the cyber wilderness. Obviously our eraly success went to our heads and all the woman, drugs and parties kept us too busy to do the on the line stuff. After some motivation from my sponsor Keith Richards we are easing our way back. Back street back alright. OK forgive me.


Anyway we are going to revive the old pub review. Focusing on all things beer with a focus on craft beer. We are targeting the Hipster Rupee (Hipsters are too cool to use regular currency). So without further ado.

Review – The Irish Ale House, Broederstroom

This is little micro-brewery run by a hybrid Boer Leprechaun. A boerechaun. Which is even less common than a unicorn.

But I digress.  This is a very rustic spot. A couple of shacks with some benches. But right up my alley.


The owner brews his own beer but pretty much decides what he feels like so you are never really sure what will be on tap. And the beer is a bit hit and miss but generally hit. They also normally have something on tap from one of the other local microbreweries.

They do serve a great pizza. The vibe is very cool. And at weekends I have seen some cool tjunes.

All in all I give it 4 out of five bananas. Loses a banana as there a rarely any hot lasses around.

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